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Qualifying Programs:

Qualifying Income

Including you, how many people live in your household?Is your income the same or less than the amount listed for your state and household size?
All 48 States & DC (not Alaska and Hawaii)AlaskaHawaii
If more than 8, add this amount for each extra person:Add $5,967Add $7,466Add $6,858
135% of the 2018 Federal Poverty Guidelines *The Federal Poverty Guidelines are typically updated at the end of January.

New York State Lifeline Benefit

In addition to the income eligibility criteria, there are several New York State only eligibility categories:
Applicants are eligible for discounted Lifeline rates when they provide proof to the Company that they are certified as income eligible to receive one or more of the above benefits or are receiving one of the above benefits. In addition, applicants are eligible for discounted Lifeline rates when approved to receive either a Veteran's Disability Pension or a Veteran's Surviving Spouse Pension. Applicants must provide proof to the Company that they are receiving one of these pensions.
* The programs with the asterisk are not eligible for support by the Federal Lifeline Program, but are eligible for support by the New York State Targeted Accessibility Fund.
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