ABOUT US   Xchange Telecom, an expanding, facilities-based network company, is a provider of full featured local, consumer long distance, toll free, calling card, prepaid and wholesale services.

Xchange Telecom is committed to continuous expansion of its product line to provide an end-to-end telecommunications solution for its growing customer base.
With a comprehensive suite of services, remarkable pricing structure, invoice reporting tools and high-end customer service, Xchange Telecom is the answer to every residential and commercial customer out there.
  Xchange Telecom's Vision   Our key objective is to exceed customer expectations and bring a higher set of quality and customer service standards to the telecommunications industry. Built with an eye towards addressing customer needs and delivering unsurpassed service, the Xchange Telecom network provides solutions that are powerful, scalable, robust and secure that ensure a competitive advantage and one of the highest quality customer experiences. Quality, consumer value and customer focus are our guiding principles. At Xchange Telecom our goal is your complete satisfaction.
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Xchange Telecom
P.O.Box 190433
Brooklyn, NY 11219-0433